What is MSF?

MSF Drones, standing for Mapping Surveying and Filming, was an idea created by Ian in late 2016. He wanted to create a business that would use multi-rotors or other aerial platforms to provide clients with detailed photo and video along with offering instruction on how to build and fly drones as well. Presentation is paramount as deliverables are presented in a clean and intuitive format allowing customers to easily access what they need when they need it. Deliverables can range from photo and video to orthographic and topographic maps used in construction management and surveying. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make readily available the beautiful and invaluable photos, video, and data that can now be gathered using remote controlled areal systems and to promote the safe, lawful, and respectful use of drones as they become more easily accessible.

Pilot Profile:

Ian Brundige

Ian has been in and around flying machines since age 12. He has experience with a variety of vehicles ranging from a retired T-6 Texan warplane to a custom homebuilt quadrotor drone. With plenty of experience in both full size aircraft and a myriad of smaller remote controlled vehicles. Ian is adept in anything that flies. He also has experience as an instructor on drone operation and procedure along with having his areal videography featured on PBS Charlotte.

MSF Drones


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